Part Number: DAR-10R-16

Disposable Red Plastic Apron – Roll of 100 Aprons

Price per Roll of 100 Aprons

Our disposable plastic aprons are designed to protect clothes from being exposed to microbial contaminants, blood, body fluids, secretions and other fluids within hospital environments.

These also protect against stains caused by splashes and dirt, being perfect for food production environments, laboratories, cleaning, hairdressers and other workplaces in which water or oil is handled.

Our disposable plastic aprons have waterproof qualities and an LDPE (low density polyethylene) construction, making them lightweight and comfortable without restricting movement. These also feature a halter neck design with waist ties for a close fit.

Disposable plastic aprons and disposable gowns are an essential component of most healthcare workers’ personal protective equipment (PPE). These should be worn when there is a potential risk of exposure to a variety of hazards in a hospital setting. Protective equipment must be changed and removed carefully in-line with your workplace’s guidelines.

Colour: Red

Pantone: 185-187

Size: One Size

Material: LDPE

Size: 117cm x 69cm

Neck Hole: 26cm x 16cm

Tie Lengths: 52cm

Impact Resistance: <35g (ISO 4920:2012)

Spot Thickness: 16 Microns (+/- 25%)

Tear Resistance: 3840mN (ISO 6383-1:2015)

Tensile Strength: 30.7MPa / 350% (ISO 527-1:2019 / 527-3:2018)

Spray Testing: Level 4 (ISO 4920:2012)

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